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About Brodal

Contact information


Gestenvej 41

6600 Vejen


Phone +45 31 700 112



Should I be unavailable to answer your call, then please leave a message and I will contact you as soon as I get the chance. You are also welcome to send a text message.

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Om Brodalen

Brodal is today run by Dorte and Jan. We offer room rental, mainly based on long term rental to local companies and out-of-town constructions workers and consultants.

Brodal was run by Dortes parents, Gerda and Holger, prior to our acquisition of Brodal in 2019. Apart from having Brodal as their residence, it was also used as a place where the local community would throw gatherings in the lovely surroundings. Gerda was in charge of cooking the food and served it for the always happy and satisfied guests. Holger made sure that Brodal looked its best, always making sure that the gravel was newly grated.


In 1999, Holger completed the construction of the building where the rooms are located, so that guests from out-of-town could spend the night. Ever since many guests have enjoyed the rooms.

Even to this date, at the age of +80, Holger still visits Brodal on a daily basis. He is essential for the place and for Dorte and Jan.

Jan runs his driving school “Quvang Køreskole”, which is a well-attended driving school in Vejen. In 2020 a room was established in the main building for the purpose of this.

Dorte has since 1999 had her clinic with acupuncture, hypnosis, and lifestyle at Brodal. People travel from far away to enjoy Dortes always kind and welcoming person, with which she has established a good reputation with her many positive results throughout the years.

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