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Personal data policy

Everyone has a right for protections of personal data and at Brodal-Vejen (CVR-nr. 40 18 74 72) we do what we can to live up to this. We have therefore decided to enact this policy, that informs your how we treat your personal data when you contact us through the contact form at

Please notice that the listed personal information in this policy can be treated in connection with the administration of your request. We will therefore only treat the personal data that is necessary.

Contact form

Upon your request through one of our contact forms at we are able to collect following personal data about you:

  • Name

  • E-mail adresse 

The collected personal data is necessary for us so that we can register your request and communicate with you as follows. Our service is therefore dependent on your correct personal data.


We will be data-responsible for the treatment of your information.

We keep your personal data until the purpose of your request is finalized, whereafter they will be deleted. We can, however, keep some personal data in short or longer term, if these should be relevant for a later request, if it is necessary to comply a legal obligation, or if a legal obligation is to be determined, counting or defending.

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